First Supervison

I’ve just had my first supervision with Shaleph O’Neil and it went really well, he’s helped me to get a bit of focus on what I’m going to do in the short term. He recommended a program called ‘Processing’ which is an open source and cross platform program for developing interactive visuals.

I’ve had a quick play with it and have got a very (very) basic drawing program working using a custom image as the brush- similar to the clone stamp in photoshop. I’m planning to develop this further into something that uses the third dimension to allow people to give their drawings depth and play with the extra possibilities of ¬†using 3D space. The camera angle will be fixed though because I want the program to be easy to use and avoid confusion.

I’ve tried this idea already using Blender with partial success, the idea definitely works, but it is a bit clumsy and doesn’t suit Blender very well. From what I’ve seen with Processing, It’ll handle a lot more information a lot faster. you can fill the screen with images all with alpha and it doesn’t slow down at all.


Processing example


About garrywhitton

I'm a masters student studying animation and visualisation. I am exploring the use of games technology for therapy and relaxation.
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