Interface technology

In order to be able to explore different interactive relaxation ideas, I need to be able to experiment with different interfaces. The best and easiest way to do this that I can find is using the Arduino. I’ve never seen one until about a month ago when I was on a Tag Tool workshop. the Tag Tool is a device for drawing and animating ‘live’. It’s designed to be easy to use and accessable for people who may not normally draw or animate. It uses an arduino to control a series of sliders that affect the colour, transparency and luminosity of the line.

check out the website for more:     there’s a link to the first Guerrilla Gallery that I helped organise on the site too ( under ‘Ange’s time in Dundee’ )   I didn’t notice it until I went to the site to copy the link, cool 🙂

Anyways,  I’m learning Processing at the moment because it will allow me to make more creativity based interactions easier than Blender 3D and it also shares the same language making it easier to get it to communicate between the Arduino and Processing. I’ll tackle how to get Arduino and Blender 3D talking later on when I’m a bit more clear about how to do it 🙂

For bonus points, i’ve included a wee movie showing my progress so far with the arduino:    


About garrywhitton

I'm a masters student studying animation and visualisation. I am exploring the use of games technology for therapy and relaxation.
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One Response to Interface technology

  1. KEViN says:

    interesting, and im looking forward to seeing your blender-processing-arduino-mixed work!

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