Retrospective on Neon Party in the Car Park

This is a bit of a retrospective post as it really should precede the last couple,, just didn’t get round to writing it up…    UNTIL NOW. (insert dramatic sound effect here)

For the last few months, I’ve been involved with organising the Neon party in the car park. I collaborated with three others to bring Guerrilla Gallery (our own art related event) into the Neon event. Here’s a link to our site and another to videos from our previous event in the Hannah Mclure Centre at the top of the Abertay Union.

The event seemed to go down well and surprisingly was sold out!  not bad for a night in a car park in the middle of November 🙂     The main aim for our part of it was to build a space that allowed people to participate in and feel part of the whole event, so we set up a number of overhead projectors and a ‘tag tool’ (more on this in my Tag Tool post) that allowed people to create their own drawings and see them projected onto big screens in front of them. They could also see what others were drawing and get ideas and inspiration from them, we deliberately set them up so that it felt like a group activity. Behind the Overheads and Tagtool, there were a number of bikes that were connected to a generator that was used to power a projector and a PA system, the idea being that people had to pedal to keep the equipment going!  This was the ideal setting for such an idea as it was a great way to stay warm!   One of the music acts (Edward Shallow) even attempted to create his chipmusic while providing power for the PA by cycling at the same time (while wearing a dayglo hoody and a gas mask!). The music was a little ‘choppy’ but the atmosphere and spirit of fun was fantastic and he got a big applause from the crowd. The idea to do this was largely a last minute one and as seems to be often the case, sometimes it’s the spur of the moment inspirations borne of adversity that can often hold the strongest appeal. The bikes were positioned so that the riders could see all the different artworks that were being created and they could talk to fellow riders if they wanted. I feel that our biggest success was to create a community feel to our part of the event that helped us keep a decent crowd going throughout the night.


About garrywhitton

I'm a masters student studying animation and visualisation. I am exploring the use of games technology for therapy and relaxation.
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