Back to school

So here I am at the end of February with a paper to write and no clear idea about what I’m going to write about- or rather a few ideas but nothing concrete enough to go with. Yikes.

So how have I ended up here?   Well I’ve been focusing nearly all of my time trying to develop sufficient technical skills to be able to create my final piece and that has been my excuse for not doing research beyond last term. The big problem is that I’ve still got a mass of technical skill development still to do but I’ve also got to catch up on the research side too so I can start this paper!

I’ve really got to get back up to speed with the research side of things especially as that was the side of the course that initially appealed to me the most!  The technical stuff is easier in a way,  you find problems and obstacles then work out solutions to them and move on. There’s always an obvious next step. Contextual research is more tricky as it’s more about sifting through the massive selection of material that’s out there and trying to form some kind of concept or theory from it.

I need to first reacquaint myself with the research I’ve already done, then look for the most important theme and pursue it with further research. It’s a bit scary being at this stage of uncertainty so late in the day but I guess this is part of the process, challenging yourself and your ideas with thorough research and analysis so you can come out of it with a much stronger basis of knowledge to build your work on. It’s time to go back to school!


About garrywhitton

I'm a masters student studying animation and visualisation. I am exploring the use of games technology for therapy and relaxation.
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