Making a game

At the beginning of  January, I had a meeting with Kevin from the Multimedia arts course and we decided to work together to make a game. His focus has been on the psychology  of colour and he has an interest in making an interactive piece.

We deciced that we needed to make a test project that combined our interests, so it needed to involve the use of colour for emotional effect and have a potentially relaxing effect. The game would need to be aimed at an initial target audience that we could get easy access to so we chose creative people (there are one or two at the college :).

We started by developing a simple game concept that could be produced fairly quickly called ‘Paintzilla’.  The premise is:

The people of the city are depressed. Their surroundings are grey and lifeless. they need….

The game is viewed from above but you can see a little of the fronts of the buildings. You control PaintZilla and must paint the city while trying not to crush too many buildings by walking into them. You can use the big roads and river to move around the map easier. You use you Paint Breath to colour things, but your paint breath only has a limited range, so you need to move to different areas of the map to paint them.
When you finish, the city people give you their reaction to your work. Factors that affect the outcome are:
How much damage you’ve done to the city
How much of the city you have painted
How many colours you have used
If you have done well, the crowd will cheer and PaintZilla will be very happy
If you have done badly, PaintZilla becomes upset.
Here’s a link to the first prototype for the game…
It was produced in Blender 3D but since then, we’ve decided to move it onto Processing and program it from the ground up. This’ll be a lot more work and a lot more learning for both of us, but  the final results will be much better and there’s a slight possibility that we could make it an online game which would be fantastic!

About garrywhitton

I'm a masters student studying animation and visualisation. I am exploring the use of games technology for therapy and relaxation.
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